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What is SWiFter 5?

Swifter 5

SWiFter 5 is our newest (in development) game engine. It is basically an HTML5 port of our latest Flash engine, SWiFter 4.
The SWiFter engine was first used in Paper Yoshi 2: The Seven Cores since Episode 3, and it is used in the following episodes ever since.

What makes SWiFter 5 so different is that it will soon be open source, modular, and relies on HTML5 rather than the outdated Flash Player, but maintaining Flash Professional (now known as Adobe Animate CC) as the main authoting tool.

Modular technology

SWiFter 5 uses a simple-to-use modular technology to implement multiple features that comprise the main architecture of the engine.

Here is a list of some of the most important modules added in by default:


A revamped edition of the previous AnimeX graphic engine used in Episode 2 of PY2. It improves the overall performance and support for both vector and bitmap images thanks to the Mercury graphic engine of Adobe Animate CC.

Edge Animate integration

The original myStudio ComicAnimator was integrated into SWiFter 4 in order to create easy and rich cutscenes based of still images. Since SWiFter 5, it has been replaced with almost complete support with Adobe Edge Animate since its graphical performance was more superior.

However, the basic version of the transitions from Greensock are still available as GSAP JS for Adobe Animate CC.

Mercury Drum

The newest version of the revolutionary Mercury sound engine will allow you to create seamless loops with almost any common audio format: MP3 with ID3 tags, WAV, WMA and the newest additions of OGG and FLAC.