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Paper Yoshi: Stars' Request

Date of launch: 27/Sep/2008
Available in: YouTube
Genre: Adventure
Series: Paper Yoshi fchse.
Episodes: 16 (3 seasons)
Creative Commons License
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  • Date of release:
  • September 27th, 2008
  • Available in:
  • YouTube
  • Genre:
  • Adventure
  • Series:
  • Paper Yoshi franchise
  • Episodes:
  • 16 (3 seasons)

Paper Yoshi: Stars' Request is the original animated series that started the Paper Yoshi franchise.

The Rainbow Planet, center of the Universe, is undergoing a great crisis: The legendary Star Stones guarded by the Star Spirits, and it's up to Yoshi and his friends to retreive them and save the Universe from a catastrophic destruction.

The long awaited Season 3 will begin with Episode 11, and conclude with Episode 16. YonicStudios's new YouTube channel will re-release the previous episodes in a better format along with the newer episodes.

In 2013, an RPG game was announced as a remake of the series: Paper Yoshi Advance.

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